Jamal Khan, Founder and Executive Director

As a Presidential Management Fellow, Jamal worked on opioid policy issues for the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs during the Obama Administration. A Berkeley and Harvard Law graduate, he is a licensed attorney in the State of California. Jamal is the sole writer and narrator of the American Opioid Podcast.

Amanda Hiraishi, Executive Producer, Opioid Voices Podcast

Amanda has a B.A. in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. Having seen the consequences of the opioid crisis firsthand, she is passionately committed to educating the public about it. She is pursuing a Master's in Public Health.

Kelsey MacCuish, Associate Director

Kelsey is completing her B.A. in Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley. She is passionate about increasing access to substance abuse treatment and mental health services.

Sarah Folkmanis, Associate Director

Sarah is an intended Public Health major at the University of California, Berkeley. She believes strongly in educating the public about the opioid crisis, as well as the growing consensus that opioid use disorder is a chronic illness.

Interns, Past and Present

Alvi Ahmed

Arman Ahmed

Iqra Ayaz

Kyra Behnfeldt

Sahir Eusuff

Minaal Farrukh

Sarah Folkmanis

Shounak Ghosh

Katy Harvey

Kiana Helal

Amanda Hiraishi

Brittany Jullie

Abdus Khan

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Stephanie Liu

Kelsey MacCuish

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Tarif Rashid

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Vanessa Tran

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