We Want Your Story

American Opioid is a crowdsourced encyclopedia of the opioid crisis that will allow the public to understand how it was experienced in all 50 states from a variety of perspectives: state legislators, public health officials, doctors, journalists, attorneys, opioid safety coalitions, municipalities, etc.

Contributing to this encyclopedia will make you part of history. Future historians will read the words you submitted and listen to the audio you recorded. They will rely on your contemporaneous observations to help them understand the opioid crisis. If you're interested in contributing any audio or participating in an interview, please contact Amanda Hiraishi, the Executive Producer of Opioid Voices, at amandahiraishi@americanopioid.org

We have set up the categories below for submissions:

State Legislators


Podcast Creators


Opioid Safety Coalitions


Public Health Officials







Faculty Members

Authors (forthcoming)

If you are in a category that is not included above, please email jamalkhan@americanopioid.org and we will add that category as soon as possible.