Texas State Representative Ina Minjarez

State Representative Ina Minjarez's office submitted these responses to the American Opioid Podcast on 4/16/2019 14:22:38 PM.

What district of Texas do you represent?


District 124.


Briefly, how would you describe the opioid crisis in your state?


I would say it is has become a public health crisis.


What are the two or three most significant bills that have been introduced in your chamber to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state?

HB 75, HB 1, HB 2811


What was your involvement, if any, in those bills (e.g., introduction, advocacy, vote pledge)?


I authored HB 75, I was on the Appropriations Committee for HB 1, I joint authored HB 2811


Have any of the bills passed? If not, why?

We are currently still in session.


What was the most memorable experience you had while learning about the opioid crisis in your state?

I toured several residential and outpatient facilities as well as NICUs to learn about what was being done in my city about the opioid crisis; learning about Neonatal Abstinence syndrome is one of my most memorable experiences.


If you had a magic wand that allowed you to pass any legislation you wanted in order to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state, what would that legislation look like?

Fully funding health care services, counselors, prevention and rehabilitation programs.


Are there any additional thoughts you would like to share?

HB 29 and HB 405 are also important pieces of legislation. Patients are 89% more likely to be prescribed opiates by their primary care physician for lower back pain than your physical therapist; this is just one reason that HB 29 is important. HB 405 would designate a month of Neonatal Abstinence Awareness.