Deputy City Manager Jennifer Kimball of Rockville, Maryland


Kimball serves the city of Rockville, Maryland. Her office submitted these responses to the American Opioid Podcast on 11/4/2019 7:17 AM.


If a resident in your city visited your office and said that he or she had some spare time and wanted to volunteer to help alleviate the opioid crisis, what kinds of activities would you recommend?

Attend a free Narcan training session offered at city facilities, attend one of the community events sponsored by the City and our partners (e.g., presentation and Q&A with experts on the topic, Race 4 Recovery, International Overdose Awareness Vigil), participate on the committee planning City efforts to increase awareness about the opioid crisis.


Recently, many overdoses are increasingly due to fentanyl. What can cities do to protect against this newest threat to public health?

Rockville is working to increase awareness and educate our community about the threat to public health. Rockville does not provide public health services, but partners with the County Health Department, which provides health services to our community.


How much support has your city received from federal and state government public health agencies, opioid safety coalitions, elected officials, and nonprofit organizations or foundations?

Significant support from nonprofits and foundations in organizing education and awareness events and information. Significant support from the Montgomery County government. We have not specifically engaged federal or state agencies.


Are there any additional resources your department could use that would help alleviate the crisis in your city?

Financial resources would provide more flexibility in the number and types of activities the City can implement each fiscal year. The greater resource needs will be at the County level where addiction treatment services are managed.


Are there any additional thoughts you would like to share? 

This fiscal year, the City plans to focus enhanced education and awareness on the young people in our community by partnering with the County school district to work with middle and high school students in Rockville.