Director Clay Goddard


Director Goddard serves the city of Springfield, Missouri as the Director of Health in the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. His office submitted these responses to the American Opioid Podcast on 11/4/2019 11:56 AM.


If a resident in your city visited your office and said that he or she had some spare time and wanted to volunteer to help alleviate the opioid crisis, what kinds of activities would you recommend?

There are numerous community venues that provide direct services that I would be able to refer them to.


Recently, many overdoses are increasingly due to fentanyl. What can cities do to protect against this newest threat to public health?

Education on harm reduction.


How much support has your city received from federal and state government public health agencies, opioid safety coalitions, elected officials, and nonprofit organizations or foundations?

There has been a slow trickle of funding but it isn't nearly enough to address the issue.


If you had a magic wand that allowed you to pass any legislation you wanted in order to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state, what would that legislation look like?


Presumptive Medicaid eligibility for Missouri.


Are there any additional resources your department could use that would help alleviate the crisis in your city?

We need funding for treatment. There aren't enough beds and there isn't enough payer sources for the beds that currently exist.