Connecticut State Representative Lucy Dathan

State Representative Lucy Dathan’s office submitted these responses to the American Opioid Podcast on 3/8/2019 3:29:42 PM.

What district of Connecticut do you represent?


Briefly, how would you describe the opioid crisis in your state?

It has become a huge issue in our state and growing substantially every year

What are the two or three most significant bills that have been introduced in your chamber to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state?

Mental Health Parity bills, Vaping bills and State budget (I am heavily involved in the Appropriations committee).

What was your involvement, if any, in those bills (e.g., introduction, advocacy, vote pledge)?

Introduced Vaping bills, Co-sponsored Mental Health Parity Bill. I am Vice Chair of the Insurance Committee and seeing many insurance bills that are looking at bills with detox coverage and other addition services coverages.

Have any of the bills passed? If not, why?

Not this session. We are still early in the session and will not be going to the floor until May 2019

What was the most memorable experience you had while learning about the opioid crisis in your state?

Hearing from former addicts and Peer Counselors and how effective it has been for so many individuals who are on a path to recovery.

If you had a magic wand that allowed you to pass any legislation you wanted in order to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state, what would that legislation look like?

Mental Health Parity Bill