New Hampshire State Representative Wendy Thomas

State Representative Wendy Thomas’s office submitted these responses to the American Opioid Podcast on 3/2/2019 11:41:46 AM.

What district of New Hampshire do you represent?

Hillsborough County District 21

Briefly, how would you describe the opioid crisis in your state?

At a crisis level

What are the two or three most significant bills that have been introduced in your chamber to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state?

Allowing opioid disorder to be a qualifying condition for therapeutic cannabis, legalizing cannabis, adding therapeutic cannabis dispensaries, adding additional qualifying conditions (Lyme, Insomnia, and Anxiety) to the NH Therapeutic cannabis program

What was your involvement, if any, in those bills (e.g., introduction, advocacy, vote pledge)?

I testified at the Opioid as a qualifying condition for Therapeutic Cannabis bill, I sponsored the additional dispensaries and additional qualification bills.

Have any of the bills passed? If not, why?

Too early to tell, but the additional dispensaries moved on while the qualifications bills have been retained.

What was the most memorable experience you had while learning about the opioid crisis in your state?

How many people, especially women, get hooked on opioids due to pain and especially due to not being believed by their docs.

If you had a magic wand that allowed you to pass any legislation you wanted in order to help alleviate the opioid crisis in your state, what would that legislation look like?

More support for people in the way of emotional, and correct pain identification and treatment. Too many people are improperly treated for pain and then when the opioids are removed they are left with no life line.

Are there any additional thoughts you would like to share?

I work in a therapeutic cannabis dispensary and see patients every day who have been able to get off of opioids due to therapeutic cannabis. This doesn't mean that they go around stoned every day, instead they use micro-doses that eliminate the need of opioid pain control (this usually includes a decrease in alcohol consumption). I am also a therapeutic patient and after having been on a pain contract for 2 years I was able to get off of all opioids after starting therapeutic cannabis.